How VirX Works?

Your Nose is the entry gate for viruses & contaminants.

Use of VirX NONSTM delivers Nitric Oxide to the Nasal cavity which creates a hostile microenvironment in the nose where airborne viruses can’t survive. VirX allows for intranasal delivery of a topical, non-systemic, small amount of Nitric Oxide that is lethal to microbes but safe to humans.

Inhibits Entry

a) Physical and Chemical Barrier:
Physically it forms a protective layer and chemically low pH inactivates the viruses
1. Physical: Protective layer of Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose
2. Chemical: Low pH of solution
b) ACE-2 blocking: Nitric Oxide in VirX binds to ACE2 receptor blocking Spike Protein fusion to nasal epithelial cells

Direct Antiviral Effect
VirX alters host proteins required for viral multiplication and inhibits the growth of viruses 
Reduces Infectivity & Transmissibility
VirX brings conformation changes to spike protein and reduces its affinity to bind with the host receptor, thereby reducing the infectivity as well as its transmissibility.